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The Ivy Walls - The Elegant Universe

"Well, the elegant part of this album title is spot on. The music has a suave demeanor that would put the band in the big league immediately, if all things were just and fair. Their songs give out a wealth of good feeling, almost making you suspect that you might have heard some of these songs before. Almost is the key word, because the material is as fresh as newly baked bread, and the ingredients are all top quality.

It's a blending of the best 80's new wave, and what might be called 'shoegaze' from the 90's, although the latter term is a bit of a misnomer when applied here. These songs do not have an introspective feel to them, but reach out to you in no small way. What it comes down to is that there is more sophistication in the music than shoegaze ever had, assured without being pompous, direct without being demanding.

The Ivy Walls
have crafted a pretty distinctive sophomore album here, which might just get the avalanche of listeners that it deserves."  – Kev A. Leicester Bangs. UK.

The Ivy Walls - Getaway Driver

"Getaway Driver, the lead single from "The Elegant Universe", is quintessential Ivy Walls: the melody is gorgeous and soaring, the beat is quietly propulsive, the guitar patterns are hypnotic and intriguing, and a velvet-smooth lead vocal performance by singer and pianist Jeff Yanero. The Ivy Walls frontman is the narrator of the "Getaway Driver" video; he leads his band in action on a rooftop overlooking the Los Angeles skyline. But the real action is going on below, where two smashing-looking girls in carnival masks run through the deserted streets of Downtown with a purloined duffel bag. Hand in hand, they crash through puddles in back alleys before jumping into a muscle car and escaping to the desert. This is a heist story (and something of a love story, too) and it's perfectly scored by Yanero and his talented bandmates and accompanyists.
Will Joines (Anthem In, Elika, Sally Shapiro, The Onion Experience's priceless "Obsessed With You") directs the "Getaway Driver" clip with his usual sensitivity, scope, and good humor. As always, Joines plays with light: the scenes in the downtown are crisply-shot and ominously shadowed, but the time the girls make it to the Mojave, the frames are flooded with yellow illumination. It's a metaphor for their emotional states - everything uptight and fraught has melted into a kind of golden contentment. (Turns out they don't even need the money they've swiped: they were after something more elemental than that). Joines shines some of that light on the band as they play, bathing the rooftop and The Ivy Walls with an irresistibly beautiful golden glow."  –

The Ivy Walls - The Elegant Universe

"The Ivy Walls have said that The Cure and Tears For Fears have influenced them among others. And The Cure was the first band that struck me when I listened to the CD for the first time, but they are actually right with Tears For Fears as well, even if I find the music more "depressing" than TFF's (but two examples of TFF's sort of music are the brilliant "You Say Love" and "Now Or Never"). Add influences by Death Cab For Cutie, Lovedrug and Echo and The Bunnymen, and I have explained quite well what kind of music we have on this, their second album. And they are good and they have Jeff Yanero who sits on a very beautiful and unique voice, and everything combined makes you want to check out the disc and the group at once. This is a really cool album."  – Pår Wiberg/

The Ivy Walls - American Velvet: A tribute to the Velvet Underground

"The Ivy Walls are good at creating suspense in their songs leading to a sense of drama. Their version of "Who Loves The Sun" begins like something from Deep Forest. The wispy synth with Blu Blu's vocalization in perfect Percy Faith backing style create a dreamy juxtaposition of styles. The feel of this version reminds me way back when I was listening to "Waiting For The Love Bus" by The Jazz Butcher.The music fills the room, but you can't quite grab it. It feels like I'm overhearing some musical subconscious drifting out from the next apartment like a crossed connection on the old dial up. It's like a Velvets cover by The Cocteau Twins, if you can image such a thing - maybe This Mortal Coil. They play chords in sheets or waves like smoke. I like it here."  – Billy Sheppard